Dispatches from wherever my curiosity takes me. In short: on reading, exploring, and writing—on repeat.

She was born some eighty years ago today.
No real resolutions, as usual, but I'm hoping to reframe my perspective with a little help from writers and artists who have echoed my desires.
An ode to the Chiriqui harlequin frog, and how to think and tell stories about species extinctions.
It's been a while since, and it took me just a bit of time to feel like my old self.
Can travel writing be redeemed? An essay based on a reading of Tim Hannigan's Travel Writing Tribe: Journeys in Search of a Genre.
A tentative first step in discovering new stories for the table: on growing, eating, and sharing food equitably in a rapidly warming world.
From an old city by the sea #3Studies in minor details: Too long after we arrive, we finally go swimming—in search of a dazzling shore. Plus: a swimming lesson from Mao and…
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